Monthly Archives: April 2010

Are genetically modified foods harmful?

This week’s story is about Jeffrey Smith, an anti-GMO advocate. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are present in most food you buy at the grocery store. I profiled Smith’s efforts to stop GMOs and provide healthy alternatives. Your favorite fruits and vegetables could be hazardous to your health, says Jeffrey Smith, executive director of the […]

Proposed ‘clean coal’ plant has drawbacks

This week, I investigated the proposed Taylorville Energy Center. I wish I’d had a chance to speak to Tenaska, the company behind the project. Unfortunately, they did not return calls in time for deadline. I hope to do a follow-up story to learn more about the project from all perspectives. Taylorville Energy Center, a proposed […]

Telecom law revamp needed

This week’s story is about Illinois’ telecommunications laws. Companies like AT&T want a revamp of what they see as outdated regulations. Illinois telecommunication laws need a rewrite, technology providers say. Outdated legislation means the state is losing jobs and business growth, members of the telecom community told the House’s Bipartisan Job Creation Task Force at […]

Free food just got fresher

This was my second cover story for Illinois Times. I learned a lot from my first cover story (nuclear power), and successfully applied those lessons in this article. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and would like to continue coverage on the challenges of mass-producers meeting the organic food demand. From floor to […]

A right to ride

This story was in the making for a long time. The bill took a while to make its way through, which (I learned a long time ago) is pretty normal for any state legislature. Just a short piece about horseback riding rights. When I was a reporter on Mackinac Island, I learned all about the […]

Truth about health care reform

This week, I wrote about a lecturer who spoke at Southern Illinois Medical School. He talked about health care reform, particularly the ethics and miscommunications that lead to the death panel rumors. It was very insightful, and I enjoyed interviewing him after the lecture. Health care reform is barely two weeks old, and many Americans […]

Wind turbine harnesses small town potential

I had a great time reporting on this story. Though I’m very passionate about alternative energy, I’d never had the opportunity to see a wind turbine up close. I got a chance to watch the workers assemble the tower and to ask them questions during the process. I also took photos for this story, and […]

Phosphorus is not for us

Following up on the chemical ban, I also attended several committee meetings about a possible ban on phosphorus fertilizers in Illinois. Currently, the ban has passed in the House but is not yet law. Lawn care companies could be prohibited from using phosphorus in fertilizer as early as July 1, according to a bill that’s […]