Radio Flyers

This week, I also wrote a feature story about mallards! Random, but it turned out to be hilarious, educational and fun. Though I can’t help but think of this Garfunkel and Oates song whenever I see it. (Kind of NSFW, if your boss isn’t cool with two awesome girls singing sensually about Scrooge McDuck.)

Wading into murky water, digging several feet below frozen ground and carefully searching through grassy prairies are wildlife technicians Danielle DeVito and Curt Kleist.

They’re in search of mallard ducks, but you won’t find any rifles or ammunition among their belongings.

While some might have mistaken them for hunters last October, as they set out on foot, boats and four-wheelers, DeVito and Kleist had another mission entirely.

Using nets, decoys and traps, DeVito and Kleist captured the mallards, fit them with radio transmitting devices (called “backpacks” because they fit between the ducks’ wings) and sent them back into the preserve.

Click here for the full story.

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