Building a sustainable school

Continuing my focus on environmental stories, this week’s story is about Lake Land College’s efforts to create a sustainable campus. I love writing these kinds of articles, since I’m always interested in real-life applications of green technologies.

Lake Land College in Mattoon has reduced its energy costs by nearly $100,000 annually, as part of a campus-wide sustainability initiative.

The 308-acre campus has experienced a 100 percent reduction in natural gas use and a 30 percent reduction in electricity use in two of its recently renovated buildings. Using energy-efficient lighting, daylight-harvesting, solar energy and a geothermal system, which heats and cools using the earth’s natural energy, the community college was able to cut electrical costs and gas costs and minimize its carbon footprint.

The college is seeking green solutions in a number of ways. Recent projects include the renovations of two of the nine campus buildings, as well as a 51,000-square-foot addition to an existing structure. Lake Land is also planning to install wind and solar systems, as well as LED lighting and energy-efficient computer technology.

For the full story, click here.

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